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Vintage Rings

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Besides stepping into my studio and firing up a torch, sourcing previously-loved vintage goods would have to be my second favorite pastime. 

This is me doing the time-consuming work of sourcing, polishing and preparing vintage goodies,
so all you have to do is accessorize and make them look good.

Now, keep in mind these have all been previously-worn. While I only post the rings that were kept in pretty great condition, please allow for minor signs of wear. A bit of gold color missing here, a darkened stone there. I take good pics so you know just what you're getting. 

Select the letter that corresponds to the ring you want, the size is listed next to the letter.

All are 1 of a kind.

Happy shopping.



these are vintage rings from classic houses like Monet and Covington. 

most stones are rhinestones, or zircons

all are vermeil (plated) 

notice some priced higher, that's because they are made from sterling silver, or are in pristine condition

 ** For reference, the stack I'm wearing is: U, I1, J, S, E, K