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The Bamboo Constellation

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A bonafide lover of bamboo earrings since I was 12-
Only I can't rock the massive ones like I used to. 

Oh, but I can style my ear with 4 different mini-versions!

Behold, 6 different styles of bamboo. A super heavy, long-lasting 18k gold plating. Wear them anywhere and have fun.

bamboo huggie: 24k heavy vermeil plating, 15mm, hinged
round gold plated: 18k heavy vermeil plating, 25mm
small rhombus: 18k gold-filled, 20mm, hinged
larger rhombus: 18k gold-filled, 30mm
traditional trapezoid: gold plated, 30mm-25mm
silver plated: white gold-filled, 24mm

** lead and nickel-free **