Shanti Earrings

  • $20.00

I've grown quite bored of earrings that match.
Add that to the fact that my studio is FILLED with the most beautiful
That I can sometimes only find 1 of a thing shouldn't matter.
The Shanti earrings are designed to fill ears with multiple holes.
Not identical, but mismatch and flowing in perfect harmony.
I can't wait to see the combinations you choose to define your individual style.
1. Lapis point on 14k gold-filled stud
2. Bronze cowrie on 14k gold-filled hoop
3. Bronze Nefertiti on 14k gold-filled stud
4. Mini bronze crescent moon on 14k gold-filled threader
(pro tip: thread the chain through two holes for an amazing effect) 
5. African Trade Beads, brass Ethiopian wedding rings & disc, amethyst donut
on vintage stud
6. Lapis eye, brass coin on 14k gold-filled wire & hoop - 3"
7. Vintage brass Nefertiti Kartouche on gold hook
8. Cream & gray shell & Ethiopian brass disc, on gold hook
9. Ethiopian brass disc, Tibetan agate on vintage brass hook - 4"
10. Vintage gold stem, Ethiopian brass disc & green jade stone - 3.5"

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