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Mango Lounge Robes [back in stock 3/8]

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These are handmade and 1 of a kind. New releases take so long because sourcing new robes can take me months. I'm very selective of prints and fabric. Pease allow for minor flaws in these unisex 1 of a kind pieces (ie. patterns not matching up in certain places-I don't believe these compromise the look, or quality)
All styles have pockets (joy!!) and waist ties.
Please note differences in price. Some are high-quality silk, while others are a silk/poly blend. I price accordingly. 

  • Open sizing
  • Approx 50" in length unless otherwise noted
  • Some choose to use these pieces to accentuate an outfit, others use them around the house only. It's up to you!

[sold individually]