Hot Comb Studs

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I have a love/hate relationship with the hot comb. 

Just the sight of it brings back memories of sitting next to the stove holding my ears down, hoping they wouldn't be burned, my mom hollering at me to "SIT STILL!" But the older I get, the more precious those memories become.  I want to keep them close! 

The origins of the hot comb are difficult to trace. A Black woman from
St. Louis named Clara Grant, a Frenchman named Marcel Grateau
and many others have been credited.

Among other things, it was a tool that helped us
assimilate into a culture that revered long, straight hair.  
I'm thankful that I've never been faced with having to change my tresses
in order to earn a living.
For our ancestors, those choices weren't always so easy.
Times have changed and we have the freedom to rock more styles,
but the hot comb will always remain an important cultural symbol. 

I'm looking forward to using my jewelry to share more of Our stories

These 1.5" bronze studs are original designs handmade in house by me!



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