Fauna Bangles

  • $20.00

Each bangle is sold separately.
Select the ones you connect with.
Feeling like a vintage mother of pearl?
I've got a smaller in a 1" width, 2.75 diameter
The larger stunner in a 2" width, 2.75" diameter.
Rimmed with gold brass, shows some signs of wear but otherwise in amazing condition. All stones are in tact, minor scuffs around the brass rim + interior.
Feeling like a coconut? Select the lovely wide piece w/ inlaid coconut shell.
A domed 1.5" + 2.75" diameter. All shells in tact, with minor scuffs along the interior.
Feeling like keeping things simple? Try the vintage brass w/ hammered detailing.
.75" width + 2.65" diameter. 
Minor signs of wear, scuffs along the interior.
My favorite of the bunch would have to be the bypass, hollow brass piece with origins in India. Not in perfect condition, by any means. 
But possesses an amazing energy, patina and texture. Make the perfect accent piece for my stacking pros. 
2.75" diameter. 

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