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Enocha Ring Stack

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Just a beautiful stack of 5 rings to have fun with. 

You select which eye ring you want to complete the stack
(solid brass, or green crystal), all other rings will remain the same (floral, textured, dots, onyx).

* please note 2 of the rings are fixed sizing & cannot be adjusted thus making this set best for sizes 6-6.5 *

1. floral band (adjustable)
2. textured band (adjustable)
3. twisted band+2 dots (fixed size 6.5)
4. black onyx band (fixed size 6.5)
*5. green crystal eye (adjustable)
*6. brass eye (adjustable)

If you'd like to customize a set, or remove rings to fit a larger size, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to curate something perfect for you!